Bruised Petals

Longing, Reflection and Celebration in Prose & Verse


Surf’s Up: An Alternative Music History

An alternative and prosaic look at the evolution of surf music and its resistance to generic rules from mid-century to present. This long re


Memory is a basement carpeted in orange and brown, electronics warm, vinyl cords in rainbow of 7 colours 7 notes in analog polyphony...

Pictures of You

Ghazal after The Cure’s Disintegration by Jessica Lee McMillan Plainsong broadcasts through stained glass, splinters color on my pictures...



Jessica Lee McMillan is an emerging poet and essayist with an MA in English. When not writing, doing front-line legal work or teaching, she spends time with her little family and buries herself in books and records. 

Jessica's poetry investigates the connectedness of nature, language, science, the visual world, and music. Her work considers longing as a kind of architecture that extends to our emotional perception of the environment. Her essays look at culture, music and philosophy as tools to navigate existentialist concerns. 

You can find her work in A Poetry of Place: Journeys Across New Westminster, Bewildering Stories, Pocket Lint, Goat's Milk Magazine, ShabdAaweg ReviewRCLAS Wordplay at Work, and on Medium. Jessica is completing her first poetry chapbook.

She lives in New Westminster, British Columbia.