• Jessica Lee McMillan

The Shape of a Poem

A sonnet

Image by Sandra Strait on flickr, CC.

“A poem by me needs to be a host of images….Each image holds within it the seed of its own destruction” — Dylan Thomas*

The shape of egg encodes infinity divine, its template writes the cosmic skin in polymorphic-bred totality —  and poetry, its subatomic kin

To crack the code, we hatch a fragile verse forever paper stencil crucified, the blueprint destroyed like cocoon — now hearse —emerges poem, inscribed as butterfly

The poem regenerates in shifting shapes, its image built and broken like god seed from progeny, the death spark germinates, transforms to highest plane; is born, is freed

Poetic balance is to live, not mourn —  we die because we’ve already been born

Jessica Lee McMillan © 2021 *Source

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